St. Andrews

golfing5Boldly declaring itself as the ‘home of golf’ St. Andrews is one of the most famous courses in the world. Commonly the home of the Open Championship, the 500 year old area is seen as hollowed ground to many golfers and is a major tourist hub for the sport.

It is because of St. Andrews that a game of gold is what it is today. Historically, the course had 22 holes and many players would often skip a couple because they seen it as too long a game. When it was decided that the ideal length was 18 holes, the trend followed suit around the country and created the template we still play to today.

There are a few different courses at St. Andrews but the most important is the Old Course. This is where any major championships are played and has hosted the Open more times than any other site in Scotland.

Other courses at St. Andrews include:

  • Balgove Course
  • Castle Course
  • Jubilee Course
  • The Eden Course
  • The Strathtyrum Course