International Golf

Malaga GolfScotland is world renowned for having some of, if not the best golf courses in the world, but that does not mean that exploring the facilities in different countries is not worth it. Experiencing golf in different climates can open up a whole new experience to you and who wouldn’t want to experience some great weather while playing a round?

One of our favourite locations that offers incredible weather and championship standard courses is Malaga. Found on the south coast of Spain you can expect to find glorious sunshine and miles of unbroken sandy beaches for when you are not on the course.

With a top of the range international airport, Malaga is brilliant for access and with a vast range of impressive options for car hire you will be able to find a suitable option that will make it easy for you to travel to and from the number of great golf courses without having the struggle of getting your clubs on and off of buses.

With an impressive range of courses ranging in cost and difficulty including

Despite this impressive choice the options only start within Malaga and with the famous Costa Del Sol being a short drive away from Malaga Airport this opens up a whole new world of golfing options.

If you are looking to enjoy great quality golf resorts with weather to match then Malaga is definitely one of the best options available to you in Europe.